Hi there!

This is a portal into my world, past and future

I'm very lucky to be working on my own ventures for some time. Namely, Powr of You, NameDrop, and TimePass. Oh and get to do this with my sister, Shruti. And that is awesome, because she is amazing! :) It's been a fun ride getting here...moving from India to the Bay Area, UCB, Deloitte, CTN, LBS and so much more. And travelling around the world, completely blowing my mind at how much more there is to know and see. Rule of thumb I follow: If I am not challenged, time to find it!

Things I Can Do

  • Break things down
  • Build from nothing
  • Learn anything
  • Making coffee for the wife
  • 24/7 Ready to work
  • Engage people

A Few Highlights

Powr of You

kicked of my startup journey with a simple question, “Why don’t we get paid for our data?” We're working to change the world of data, as we've all come to know it…it’s freakin exciting!

And the startup bug…

has many more cooking. Yup! There are many more coming along - NameDrop, UntrackMe, TimePass…


I’ve had chance to work with incredible people from around the world at Deloitte (and clients), LinkedIn, Telefonica, Digital Shadows, and many more to come.